Keeping breast cancer prevention a priority

Breast cancer affects tens of thousands of women and families every year throughout the United States, and the chance of a woman contracting this disease in her lifetime is one in eight.

My wife Wendy lost her mother to this disease when she was just 6 years old. Her loss serves as a constant reminder to our family, including our three daughters, of how important it is to raise awareness about breast cancer and increasing resources to fight the disease.

The Senate took an important step toward raising breast cancer awareness this week. We passed my legislation with Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) to reauthorize the Breast Health Education and Awareness Requires Learning Young Act, or the EARLY Act. It was signed into law in 2010 and created an education and outreach campaign administered to highlight breast cancer risks. Our legislation will reauthorize this program. Click here to read more.

Elevating breast cancer prevention and early detection, increasing research, and expanding access to care will all help combat this disease that affects us all. I’ll continue working on these and other issues to make sure that women battling breast cancer aren’t denied access to life-saving screenings or treatment that may extend their lives and their time with loved ones.

1 way to stop Obama’s executive amnesty

President Obama’s executive amnesty is clearly illegal. It’s a horrible policy that will only make a desperate situation much worse. Plus, it encourages immigrants to come here illegally by rewarding folks who have already broken our immigration laws.

It’s also clearly beyond his authority under our Constitution. Presidents have the power to fill in details of legislation. That’s completely different from acting contrary to statutory law. But that’s exactly what President Obama is doing – he’s acting contrary to our immigration laws already on the books.

I’m doing everything I can to block his attempts to grant executive amnesty. As a U.S. Senator, one way I can do this is by opposing his nominee to be our Attorney General. President Obama’s nominee, Loretta Lynch, would directly help implement his illegal executive amnesty and give him legal cover to do so. I’m urging my Senate colleagues to oppose her nomination as well.

Click here to watch my remarks on the Senate floor.

The Attorney General is the top law enforcement officer of the United States. But the Senate cannot in good conscience confirm a nominee that will serve only as a rubber stamp for the President’s lawless executive amnesty.

This week I hosted a few dozen sheriff’s from across the country, including Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Lonnie Greco, who converged on the U.S. Capitol to protest the President’s amnesty and lack of border enforcement. They are legitimately concerned that amnesty will undermine the ability of law enforcement officers to do their jobs.

Treating Congress Equally under Obamacare

Today, Senate Republicans took a big step forward. We voted to approve my proposal to make sure all Members of Congress and staff live under Obamacare like the rest of America.

After an illegal executive action last year, insiders in Washington and the Obama administration decreased their own Obamacare burden – but didn’t extend that help to you and your family. They carved out a special exemption and subsidy for themselves. I’ve been fighting to end that exemption every day.

The Obama administration created an illegal administrative fix that guarantees Members of Congress and their staffs not only get employer-sponsored healthcare coverage, but huge taxpayer-funded subsides if they go into the same Obamacare exchanges you do.

But today, Republicans in the Senate made a strong, principled statement in supporting my proposal. Washington should have to live under Obamacare just like everybody else until we repeal it. And we won't be complicit in Obama's illegal rule designed to protect Washington insiders.

Increasing Support for Team Gleason, ALS Patient Services

Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge earlier this year? It was started to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a neuro-muscular disease. As you may know, Steve Gleason, a former NFL player with the Saints, was diagnosed with ALS in 2011, and he’s really become a champion for fighting ALS since then. Steve formed an advocacy group called Team Gleason to raise awareness and support for ALS and other neuro-muscular diseases.

Steve and the rest of Team Gleason have been super advocates for folks with ALS, and I’ve been working with them on different policy fixes to help as well. One way we can improve care is to increase access to specialized medical equipment for folks with ALS and other physical limitations. To do this we’ll need to update existing policy under the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Current CMS policy is outdated, and it’s making important equipment – like Steve’s speech device – less accessible for folks across the country. I’m working with some of my colleagues in Congress, including Congressman Cedric Richmond, to keep this equipment affordable and to empower folks to live more independently. Click here to read more.

Updating this policy will help folks with physical limitations to live more independently – a goal we should all support.

Watch out for Obama’s executive amnesty

Election Day brought historic change to the U.S. Senate. Republicans won elections across the country, and now we’ll be in the Majority in the next Congress. That means we’ll be able to get Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid out of the way and get our country back on the right track.

But it also means that President Obama can’t count on a Democrat Majority in the Senate to rubber stamp his legislation – including amnesty for illegal immigrants.

He knows that, so he’s planning to give amnesty for 5 million illegal immigrants by abusing his executive powers now and without approval from Congress or the American people. And this executive action could happen any day.

Executive amnesty is illegitimate, unconstitutional, and it completely ignores the will of Louisianians and voters across the country. It also creates an incentive for more immigrants to come here illegally. On top of all that, granting executive amnesty is unfair to the many immigrants who do follow our laws and come to our country legally.

You, me, the American public, must all have a say in our immigration policies. And if President Obama insists on going around us, and around Congress, then we need to make sure he can’t grant executive amnesty. The most effective way to prevent him from doing so is to defund any programs that would support his executive overreach. I’m working everyday on a number of options, and I’ll keep you posted on that.