We continue to facing economic problems in our nation.  Unfortunately, the fixes advanced by the Senate Democrat leadership and the White House continue down the wrong path.  We must not repeat the bailouts and bloated spending on so-called “stimulus” that failed to reduce unemployment and did not create new jobs.

I believe we need to stop the massive growth of government spending and shift our focus to efforts that can truly promote job growth.  Here are a few things I am working on to advance economic growth:

Leading the fight against more bailouts, including opposing the Wall Street bailouts and fighting to end “to big to fail” policies that ensure ongoing bailouts will happen.

Reducing taxes on families and small businesses so that money stays in our economy to help create jobs instead of funding the Washington bureaucracy.

Eliminating duplicative and unnecessary regulations that hinder business growth and create heavy compliance costs.

Focusing our spending on real infrastructure investments that would help promote economic growth, and stopping spending on wasteful projects that have no impact on job creation, such as new cars for federal employees and other waste funded by the Washington stimulus programs.


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