When it comes right down to it, I trust the folks in Louisiana to make decisions regarding their children's education far more than I trust the bureaucrats in Washington, DC. Parents, along with local teachers, principals, and education leaders in our communities, know best on how to spend our education tax dollars.  That is why we reduce the size and scope of the federal government in our classrooms, and return the decision-making of curriculum and the use of taxpayer dollars to those closest to the students. 

Some of my efforts to improve our schools include:

Visiting dozens of schools and hosting regular education forums throughout Louisiana

Leading the fight against the Obama Administration’s assault on school choice in Louisiana

Authoring legislation to let local charter schools to bypass Washington’s bureaucracy and grow education opportunities around the state

Co-sponsoring legislation to expand voucher programs for low-income and military families who may be trapped in low-performing schools

Funding a $1.3 million statewide initiative to improve technology in the classroom and prepare our children for 21st Century jobs.

Authoring legislation to fully fund the federal special education commitment.


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