National Defense

Recent events around the world demonstrate that a strong U.S. national defense must continue to be our nation's top priority. In the past three years, over half of the deficit reduction measures taken by Congress have come out of the military budget, and the President’s actions have ignored strategic thinking for the road ahead. No price is too great to ensure the safety and security of our nation, our freedom, and our values.

I am fighting to strengthen our national defense with specific actions, including:

Supporting passage of military pay increases.

Supporting language in the annual National Defense Authorization Act that prevented the President’s Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) round from going forward.

Authoring and passing into law amendments to keep the strongest possible Army end-strength.

Authoring and passing into law legislation to develop an effective national missile defense.

Working to ensure that the Administration does not allow steep budget cuts imposed by Senate Democrats on the Pentagon to do away with valuable strategic thinking. 

Equipping our military with the tools necessary to win the War on Terrorism, and maintaining robust national defense capabilities for potential future requirements.

Working to ease the burdens of Louisiana's deployed service members and their families.

Reforming and improving our intelligence system.

U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee

U.S. Department of Defense



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