Social Security

Social Security is a major source of retirement income for one in six Louisiana residents and millions of Americans. Unfortunately, the program has promised $7.7 trillion more in benefits than what it will take it from payroll taxes which causes the program to go bankrupt within the decade. Fixing Social Security will not be easy but gradual changes must be made to the program in order to make good on the promises made to millions of seniors.

I have supported strong measures to help achieve these goals, including:

Repealing the Social Security Earnings Limit so seniors who work aren't penalized.

Introducing Lock Box legislation to make sure Washington politicians can't raid the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for other unrelated programs, including $521 billion of Social Security payroll taxes used to pay for Obamacare.

Enacting real Social Security cost-of-living adjustments that actually keep up with increasing costs for food, prescription drugs, and energy.

U.S. Senate Finance Committee

U.S. Senate Budget Committee

President's Commission to Strengthen Social Security

Social Security Administration


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