Resolution Designating April 15, 2011 as “National TEA Party Day”

While nobody argues against fair levels of taxation to fund the critical functions of government, it is clear to me that the federal government spends too much and is expanding well beyond what we can afford. We need to reduce the tax burden on the American people.

Now more than ever, we also need to reform and simplify our tax code, and I am working on many initiatives to accomplish this goal, including:

Replacing our tax code with something much more fair and simple.

Cutting income tax rates across the board for everyone who pays taxes.

Ensuring that we do not face the largest tax hike in our history by extending current tax relief and not allowing tax rates to increase automatically.

Permanently ending or significantly reducing the federal estate tax.

Helping small businesses expand through higher expensing caps and other tax incentives.

Senate Finance Committee

Joint Committee on Taxation

U.S. Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service


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