Press Releases

July 2014
Vitter Introduces Legislation to Stop Illegal Immigrants from Receiving Obamacare, Tuition Tax Credits
Vitter Urges FEMA to Enforce Flood Insurance Requirements, Make Program Sustainable
Vitter to Continue Blocking Army Nominee Until Explosives Removed from Camp Minden
Vitter Urges Obama Administration to Get Moving on RESTORE Act Implementation, Treat Louisiana Fairly
Vitter Announces VA Clinics for Lafayette, Lake Charles will be in Final Veterans Bill
Vitter: Excess Property Wasting Taxpayer Money in New Orleans
Vitter: Louisiana Feeling Impacts of Border Crisis
Vitter Co-Sponsors Legislation to Reauthorize Breast Cancer Education Campaign
Vitter Reintroduces “No Washington Exemption from Obamacare”
Vitter Requests GAO Review of Money Wired from Illegal Immigrants to Home Country
Vitter: Competing Court Decisions on Obamacare Subsidies Highlight Need to End Washington’s Exemption
Vitter: Appeal for Stanford Ponzi Scheme Victim Fails, Highlights Need to Reform SIPC
Vitter Bill Would Stop Flow of Illegal Border Crossings
Vitter to Block Army Nominee Until They Clean Up Mess at Camp Minden
Vitter Passes Legislation to Require Community Banking Experience at the Fed
Vitter: Withdrawal of EPA Wage Garnishment Rule Was No-Brainer
Vitter Amendment Requires Community Banking Experience at the Fed
Vitter: Investor Protection Agency Needs to Protect Investors, Victims of Fraud, Instead of Wall Street
Vitter: Corps Mitigation Decision Unnecessarily Delays Hurricane Protection Project
Vitter Demands Accountability from Administration on Immigrant Children at Border
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