Press Releases

August 2015
Vitter Announces $3M in Statewide Airport Investment Grants
Vitter Announces $1.8M in Economic Development, Entrepreneurship Grants
Vitter Announces $1.2M Grant for LSU Research, Coastal Protection
Vitter: NOAA “Strategy” Will Shut Down Louisiana Seafood Businesses
Vitter: Obama Administration’s Efforts to Shut Out Oversight of Sec. Clinton’s Emails
Vitter Announces $80,000 Grant for Tulane Fulbright Scholars
Vitter Announces Transportation Grants for Louisiana Graduates
Vitter Announces $500k in Grants for La. Department of Health
Vitter Announces Research Grants for Louisiana Universities
Vitter Announces Firefighter Grants for Safety, Operations
Vitter Announces Grants for Rural Law Enforcement Teams
Vitter Cautions Against EPA’s Delusional Methane Rule
Vitter Commends Animal-Safety Grant for Winn Parish Sheriff’s Office
Vitter Introduces Bill to End Double Dipping Between Unemployment and Disability Insurance
Vitter Holds Roundtable to Help Small Businesses Recover After Natural Disasters
U.S. Senate Approves Bipartisan Whitehouse-Vitter Estuary Legislation
Obama Administration Refuses to Share Details of Iran Deal with Congress
Vitter Votes to End Funding for Planned Parenthood
Vitter Statement on Obama EPA’s Massive Carbon Emission Rule
July 2015
Vitter: Steve Gleason Act Officially Law of the Land
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