Press Releases

October 2014
Vitter Urges State to Stop Designating Eureka Math
Vitter Named “Champion of National Security” by Center for Security Policy
Vitter Asks Air Force for Protocol on Disinfecting Planes From Africa
Vitter and Garrett Demand that Boehner/Reid Reconvene Congress to Address Ebola
Vitter: Impose Immediate Travel Restrictions, Fire CDC Director
Vitter to Testify at Louisiana House Homeland Security Hearing Tomorrow on Camp Minden, Border Security
Vitter Optimistic For Midla Pipeline Settlement
Vitter: ISIS Persecuting Christians in Iraq is Deplorable
Vitter: St. Charles Streetcar in New Orleans Named National Historic Landmark
September 2014
Vitter: Costs, Number of Illegals in Louisiana Schools Higher than Reported
Vitter Co-Sponsors Bill to Encourage Savings for Education Expenses
Vitter, La. Delegation Urge Army Corps to Fix Mitigation Problem for Agriculture
Vitter Welcomes News of Attorney General Eric Holder’s Resignation
Vitter Stands Up for Louisiana Seafood Industries Against Unfair Trade Practices
Vitter: On 9th Anniversary of Hurricane Rita, Southwest Louisiana Seeing Incredible Growth
Vitter Statement on U.S. Airstrikes Against ISIS
Vitter: EPA’s Incomplete Pesticides Analysis is Killing Ruston Peach Farm
Vitter Says Administration Giving Illegal Aliens Free Pass on Obamacare
Vitter: New Report Shows Obamacare Funds Used for Abortions
Vitter Urges Vote to Allow Americans to Keep Healthcare Plans
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