Parish Presidents Support Vitter’s Effort to Get FEMA to Rescind Flawed Flood Maps

Vitter called for FEMA to rescind preliminary flood maps for south Louisiana Parishes

(Washington, D.C.) – Parish Presidents from South Louisiana are expressing support for U.S. Senator David Vitter’s letter this week to Craig Fugate, Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Vitter’s letter urged FEMA to rescind new preliminary flood maps issued for several south Louisiana parishes. Click here to read Vitter’s letter.

Michel Claudet, Terrebone Parish President: “Senator Vitter and I personally met with Mr. Miller with the NFIP. He gave us clear assurances that future flood maps would not be released to the public until the Levee Assessment Mapping Process (LAMP) was complete.”

V.J. St. Pierre, Jr., St. Charles Parish President: “I support The Senator's request for FEMA to rescind the flawed maps until the LAMP process is complete. As a member of the South Louisiana delegation, my staff and I heard the commitment and hope Mr. Miller will keep his word by pulling back these flawed maps. As one of the first communities in the country to receive the new maps under the dark cloud of the Biggert-Waters Act's unreasonable flood insurance premiums, I can attest to both the emotional and economic damages FEMA's actions have had on St. Charles Parish already. This problem is of national concern as FEMA continues to release flawed flood maps and outrageous insurance premiums to neighborhoods throughout America. We are witnessing the bureaucratic dismantling of the American dream from sea to shining sea as FEMA forces hard working Americans out of their homes through inaccurate flood maps and unaffordable flood insurance premiums. America needs our coastal and riverine communities to move our imports and exports, manufacture and process our goods, and provide food for our nation and the world. It is one thing for a family to lose their home to a natural disaster; but, it is unfair to have their homes taken by a law passed in DC. America is better than that and I ask the members of Congress to amend Biggert-Waters and allow Americans to keep their homes."

Vitter appeared on WVUE Fox 8 and WWL-TV in New Orleans today to discuss his efforts. Click here to watch Vitter’s interview with Fox 8 in New Orleans.

FEMA released new flood maps earlier this month, which contradicts a commitment made to Vitter and a group of Louisiana parish presidents by David Miller, the Associate Administrator of the Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration, at a meeting on May 9th 2013, that they would finalize the process to determine an accurate way to credit all flood control features before making any changes.

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